Comic Con 2014: Family Guy reveals Season 13 guest list and episode plotlines

Comic Con has come and gone this year, and while we got teases for Batman V Superman, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and other films, we also got a good look at some upcoming television shows as well.


One of those shows was the hit FOX series Family Guy, as the show gave some insight into what fans can expect in terms of episode plotlines this upcoming season and which famous voices will be coming to the show for season 13.

According to Deadline, the next season of Family Guy was revealed at Comic Con this weekend and there are some pretty interesting storylines coming up.

Similar to 20th Century Fox TV‘s Bones Comic-Con presentation, the Family Guy creators and cast also revealed a number of storylines for its upcoming season. In no particular order, Meg (Mila Kunis) becomes a foot-fetish model, Stewie is impregnated with Brian’s baby, Jesus returns in the Christmas episode and “the guys help him get laid,” said executive producer Steve Callaghan. And as discussed at TCA, there’s the episode where Peter tries to kick Liam Neeson’s ass. Other guests stars in addition to Neeson this season include Allison Janney, Julie Bowen, Lea Thompson and Jeff Garlin.

Many believe that Family Guy, much like The Simpsons, is past it’s prime and is in the latter stages of it’s run on FOX, but it’s only at season 13 and the network has refused to kill The Simpsons after 25 years so there’s a high chance that Family Guy goes on lasting for a long time too.

At least the storylines still seem interesting as the show is still one of the best in the Sunday night Animation Domination block.

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