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Hackers turn ATM into Doom game

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Technology truly is a beautiful thing, and those who understand it are able to use it in some very interesting ways.  Whether it be phones, video games, or the internet, the applications that utilize the technology are ever-expanding.  Today we bring you a group of hackers that were successfully able to integrate Doom into an ATM.

As shown in the YouTube video, a group of Australian hackers took apart an ATM and configured it to play one of the most iconic shooters of all time, Doom.  id Software’s classic has long been regarded as laying the groundwork for some of the great shooters today.

In the video, we are able to see the ATM utilize Doom as a fully functional game on the small ATM screen using nothing but the buttons on the keypad.

While ATM’s are constantly a target of thieves trying to break into your bank account and steal your money, I would be all for someone rigging an ATM to allow for a little Doom action.  Rather than stealing your PIN or barcode, hackers putting efforts into making the money transfer device a video game system is an interesting effort.

Doom has long been seen as both a controversial and monumental game in the video game community.  With a new Doom supposedly in the works, gamers won’t have to settle for playing the old version for too much longer.  While Doom covers the shooter category, it sure would be interesting to see Mario Kart get the same treatment.

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