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Madden 15 Ultimate Team to debut Sets

EA Sports and Madden 15 unveiled some of the new features to be expected in Madden Ultimate Team today, however, the one they claim they are most excited about is Sets.  Madden Ultimate Team has long been one of the premier modes in the series, and with the new features, it looks to continue to stay that way.

Sets will replace what was known in past versions of Ultimate Team as Collections.  The name was changed to allow new players to understand that once you add an item to a Set, it is no longer a part of your overall collection.

With Sets in Madden Ultimate Team this year, you are able to easily add items from the Single Item Viewer.  Simply open an item through the Single Item Viewer and select Add to Set.

EA Sports

EA Sports

You can now add items to sets from the Single Item Viewer, your binder, or even directly from your lineup, allowing players the most functionality for their collection.

Viewing a Set allows gamers to see what exactly they need in order to complete the Set, as well as having direct access to search auctions for your missing pieces.

Some Sets also feature a “repeatable” icon which means that once you complete the Set and earn your reward, you can start over and do so again for another reward.

The revamping of Sets in Madden 15 Ultimate Team is due to the complications that new players faced.  EA Sports mentioned that collecting was a popular feature in Ultimate Team, but that it was too much of a process for newer players to jump in.

Madden 15 is set to release August 26, and Ultimate Team will again be at the forefront of the game.

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