MLB Power Rankings Week 19: Trade Deadline approaches

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We are just three days away from the 2014 MLB Trade Deadline, and we know little more now than we did when July 31st was still months away.

The teams that were on the fence between being buyers and sellers seem like they will be more inclined to either try to buy or stand pat, teams like the Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, and Kansas City Royals.

What has created an even more interesting dynamic is the fact that the teams that should be obvious sellers, teams like the Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies, seem to be dragging their feet and thinking that they do not necessarily have to make trades to rebuild. Really, these teams seem like they are in denial about having to rebuild at all.

With the crowded standings and the number of teams that think they are in the Wild Card race, we could very well have a big stalemate between now and July 31st. If that isn’t how things play out, we might have some unique deals where teams make swaps that have the long-term in mind as much as anything. An example of that type of deal is the odd rumors of a Jon Lester for Matt Kemp trade.

Speaking of which, the Red Sox are the most unpredictable of them all as the deadline approaches. With that we embark on this week’s MLB Power Rankings, knowing there is at least a chance that moves made this week could drastically change things in the next few days.

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