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WWE news: KENTA comments on WWE signing Prince Devitt

It seems as of late that there’s an independent movement in WWE. There have been a slew of recent signings of some of the best stars on the independent circuit, two of them being international sensations KENTA and Prince Devitt. WWE announced the signing of KENTA a few weeks ago over in Japan, and on Monday they officially announced that they have inked a deal with Devitt.

Also on Monday, KENTA welcomed in his new co-worker.

These are definitely two of the hottest free agents on the professional wrestling market, and it’s going to be a blast watching them hopefully develop into huge stars one day.

Both wrestlers will begin their work down in Orlando at NXT, before they eventually make their main roster debuts. All things considered, especially with how seasoned they are, they should not be down there working for long.

KENTA and Devitt are two of the most skilled technicians in the ring, and even better, they’re good at the entertainment aspect of the business as well. Although some are concerned that the language barrier will be a problem for KENTA, he should be able to utilize his skill enough to get himself over with the crowd.


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