WWE's Brock Lesnar standing tall after defeating The Undertaker's streak. Photo Credit: WWE.com

Batista on Brock Lesnar ending Undertaker's WrestleMania streak: 'It sucked'

Back at WrestleMania 30 when the Undertaker’s winning streak was ended by Brock Lesnar, after the initial shock wore off at what we had seen, there were a lot of people that were angry about the whole ordeal. But aside from the fans, it’s been interesting to hear what stars from within the business have had to say about it, and the man that was in the main event of that event, Dave Batista, was not happy.

In an interview that Batista did with the Huffington Post recently, when asked about the streak coming to an end, he was very blunt about how he felt about it.

It sucked! Honestly, I thought it sucked. I haven’t really talked much about it but I think it was a bad decision, a horrible decision. I don’t have any say in the matter but to me, watching as a fan, it made me sick. Brock Lesnar beating him didn’t seem to work and it really wasn’t good that Brock left the day after. I just don’t see how that made sense at all. I don’t think anyone wanted to see the streak broken and it just didn’t make sense to me.

Batista brings up a lot of the same points that the fans have been bringing up, especially about Lesnar’s part-time status.

The former Evolution member is a member of the Undertaker’s win column at WrestleMania, losing the World Heavyweight Championship to him back at ‘Mania 23 in 2007.

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