Byron Scott: Kobe Bryant and I 'get a long extremely well'

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The Los Angeles Lakers have named Byron Scott their new head coach. Scott as a key player for the Lakers during their run in the 80s and won three championships with the team.

He also played with Laker superstar Kobe Bryant during his rookie season in Los Angeles and now has the task of trying to coach and manage him. Fortunately for Lakers fans, Scott says he has a good relationship with Bryant.

“Great relationship. I mean we get a long extremely well,” Scott said, via the Los Angeles Times. “We talk a lot. We text each other a lot during the season and obviously during the off-season.

“I’m looking forward to coaching Kobe. I know his drive, and I know his will and determination. I think we’re on the same page as far as how we think about this game and how it should be played. So it’s going to be fun. He has to be a little patient, we know that as well. But like I said, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m going to enjoy it.”

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