Prince Hans Westerguard of the Seven Isles from "Frozen." Photo Credit: Walt Disney

Once Upon a Time adds Tyler Jacob Moore as Prince Hans

When Once Upon a Time premieres their fourth season of the fairytale series in September, the gates to the kingdom of Arendelle will swing open and we will be introduced to a bevy new characters from Disney’s mega-blockbuster animated feature film Frozen.

ABC has already put a face to the name of some of the bigger new characters being brought into the fold from Arendelle this season. Fringe actress Georgina Haig will be playing the Snow Queen herself, Elsa.

Relative newcomer Elizabeth Lail will be playing her lovable sister Anna, and Halt and Catch Fire actor Scott Michael Foster will be playing Anna’s love interest Kristoff.

Now, it seems as if a face Frozen fans hoped they’d never see again will be making his way to Storybrooke in the new season of Once Upon a Time.

According to E! Online, Shameless actor Tyler Jacob Moore will be playing the dastardly Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. He will make his debut in the third episode of the season and continue as a recurring role after that.

Yes, that rude, backstabbing jerk Hans will be making his way to the new season of Once Upon a Time, surely to cause trouble for Elsa and Anna once again. Too bad his 12 brothers didn’t take care of him when he was banished from Arendelle in Frozen.

In any case, there are certainly many twists and turns ahead for the residents of Storybrooke. As you know, things are never truly what they seem in a land where fantasy and magic reign supreme.

The introduction of the Frozen characters is sure to bring a different dynamic to the show just as the introduction of the darker side of Peter Pan and Neverland did in the past.

Once Upon a Time premieres on Sunday, September 28th at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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