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Manny Machado makes ridiculous long throw for the out (Video)

When he’s not pouting, throwing tantrums, or throwing his bat at people, Manny Machado makes his living as a third baseman known for making absolutely incredible plays.

His combination of incredible range and a strong arm give Machado the chance to make a variety of dazzling plays. Whether it be charging slow rollers, diving for sharp line drives either direction, or ranging far in the hole to make a play, Machado adds incredible value for the Orioles on a nightly basis with his defense.

In this case it was Machado robbing Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels of what might have been a double down the left field line. After reaching with his long left arm to snare this ball, Machado’s momentum took him into foul territory. Like, way into foul territory.

No matter. Machado still rocketed a throw all the way over to first base to get the out. Pujols is not exactly fleet of foot, but even with a slow base runner plodding up the first base line, Machado might be the only third baseman in all of baseball with the raw skills to make this play.

Many teams would use Machado at shortstop if they had him. This play shows why.

Check out video of Machado’s great play, courtesy of

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