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Oct 25, 2013; Memphis, TN, USA; Justin Timberlake (right) sitting court side for the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets game during the first quarter at FedExForum. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Oops! Record label drops NSYNC album without telling them

No, it’s not 2001. Yes, pop group NSYNC has dropped an album.

And like the rest of the world, the members of NSYNC were unaware that Sony Music Entertainment had any plans to release a compilation of music, as shown by former group member Lance Bass in this Instagram post.

You want to feel old? The last time NSYNC dropped an album, 9/11 had yet happen, George W. Bush was in his first session of presidency, TRL existed, and Britney Spears was the biggest female pop star in the world. It’s been that long since NSYNC ran the pop music lane. In their absence we’ve been grateful for Justin Timberlake’s solo career as he’s provided us with albums, but things just aren’t the same.

On “The Essential NSYNC”, in a two-disc format, Sony has delivered a compilation of music which features some of NSYNC’s biggest hits (“Bye Bye Bye”, “I Want You Back”, “Gone”, etc.), as well as a few unreleased tracks from the band.

Even with no notice on a release, fans have shown their allegiance by making “The Essential NSYNC” a top ten album on iTunes.

Even with this available, it doesn’t look like NSYNC has a reunion on their mind a la the Backstreet Boys, but delivers fans a nice blast to the past.

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