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iPhone 6 rumors: May come later than expected

The iPhone 6 has been long rumored to be slated for a release at some point in September, with the latest reports being that the latest flagship phone from Apple would be launched at the end of the month.

But as everyone knows, a new week means a new rumor surround the release date of the iPhone 6. This time, it looks like fans may not be able to get their hands on the device until October. October 14th, to be exact.

According to a source close to the matter, BGR is reporting that October 14th is being treated as an “immense” day for Apple by those who work for the company’s retail stores. The whole month, according to the source, is expected to be “incredibly busy” for the company.

With this news, the belief is now that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 in mid-September before launching the phone the following month. Other products like the long rumored iWatch and new Mac computers are also rumored to be coming during the same time frame.

Apple has declined comment on the matter, as per company policy.

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Mike’s Musings: Can we just finally admit that no one knows a thing regarding Apple’s plans. Every week there is something new that claims something completely different. Apple is very secretive, and will likely release the device on a day that hasn’t been mentioned yet.


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