Jun 24, 2014; Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, BRAZIL; Uruguay forward Luis Suarez (9) sits on the ground checking his mouth after he allegedly bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini (3) during the second half of Uruguay

Luis Suarez even bites opponents in video games (allegedly)

Video games have done nothing but get more realistic from the day they were invented and through to today. However, it appears FIFA ’15 from EA Sports may have added a bit more realism than anyone ever wanted.

After now-Barcelona striker Luis Suarez took it upon himself to munch down on the shoulder of an Italian defender during a World Cup group stage match earlier this summer, his name went from household among soccer fans to a world-wide known figure. It’s just not for the right reasons.

However, according to The Sports Bible twitter account, EA Sports’ FIFA ’15 game can also mimic real life. That’s because it was able to grab a screen shot of Suarez clearly (or allegedly if you’re Suarez’s defense) taking a chunk out of what appears to be a Netherlands defender.

One even gets the realistic sense of the insane size of Suarez’s front teeth poking out as he takes a pound of flesh from his opponent.

Since video games are becoming even more realistic these days, my only question is if Suarez was suspended for nine international matches, banned from soccer activities and stadiums for four months and suffered a $250,000 fine for his actions.

If so, we’ve perhaps crossed the point of no return in the video game industry.

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