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WWE SummerSlam: Paul Heyman not worried about Seth Rollins cashing in on Brock Lesnar

On August 17, Brock Lesnar will take on John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a match that he is very much rumored to be winning when all is said and done at SummerSlam. However, the night might not end there as people need to remember that there’s a man walking around with a Money in the Bank briefcase by the name of Seth Rollins.

We saw last year the Money in the Bank cashed in at the end of SummerSlam when Randy Orton cashed in on Daniel Bryan after he defeated Cena. So could we see something like that again, only this time from Rollins when Lesnar wins the belts?

Paul Heyman certainly doesn’t seem to think so.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Heyman expressed that he’s not worried about Rollins trying to pull off the feat on his client.

“[Laughs] I have absolutely no worries about Seth Rollins taking on Brock Lesnar. Nor do I have any worries of anyone taking on Brock Lesnar. There is not a man on the face of this planet that can measure up to Brock Lesnar right now – either in the Octagon or inside a WWE ring.

“That was proven at WrestleMania, when Brock got a victory that no other legend or Superstar could ever achieve, and he’s going to do the very same thing at SummerSlam against John Cena.”

The chances of WWE executing a cash in on the same show two years in a row are very slim. Plus you would think, with how well his heel run is going thus far, that WWE would have Rollins cash in on a babyface, rather than a heel Lesnar.

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