Facebook is down

UPDATE: After experiencing an outage that saw most users affected for about an hour, Facebook is slowly recovering from the issues. The website is still loading at a slower pace than normal, but it is accessible.

More to come…

ORIGINAL: If you’ve tried to log into Facebook over the last little while, then chances are you have experienced some sort of issue.

Starting around 11:30am ET, users began reporting issues of slow loading times and/or complete failures to load the popular social media website. Many were met with an error stating, “Sorry, something went wrong”.

The networks developer’s webpage has also been intermittant with its functionality. When it does load, a message stating that increased errors/latency on all platforms has been found, and is currently being addressed.

“Facebook is currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces,” the site states. “Our engineers detected the issue quickly and are working to resolve it ASAP. We’ll update shortly.”

When it does load, the main Facebook page, when tested by us here, took about a minute or so to load, and wouldn’t fully load. Instead, only the menu bars would load on the page.

FanSided has reached out for comment from Facebook, but, as of now, no response has been issued.

FanSided will keep you updated as this story develops.\

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Mike’s Musings: It’s never good when a major site like this suffers server issues. That being said, every website is prone to these problems. That’s the thing about technology, we are at its mercy. It isn’t the other way around. 

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