Hyrule Warriors not featuring online play

Nintendo Wii U fans have been looking forward to the next Zelda game for quite some time.  Hyrule Warriors isn’t next in the line of great Zelda adventures, but Nintendo is hoping that it will hold gamers over.

While it isn’t the typical story themed Zelda adventure, it will hold true to the theme.

Hyrule Warriors is slated to be a hack and slash style game, much like the Dynasty Warriors series.  On Monday night, Nintendo will be unloading a bit more information surrounding the principles of the game, however, one feature is already known to be nonexistent.

In Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors, the only multiplayer will be of the local variety.  Hyrule Warriors will not feature online multiplayer of any kind.  The official twitter account for the game confirmed the report.  Also of not, local multiplayer will allow one player to utilize a television while the other uses the gamepad.

With many of the Dynasty Warriors games, both on previous consoles and PC, featured online play, this is somewhat disappointing news.  Considering the amount of fanfare Zelda has, the game should do well, and being able to play with friends is a pretty big component to leave out.

Nintendo has never been known for its strong online play features, but the modes are in place, and to leave them out could hurt the overall growth of the game.  Hyrule Warriors is going to be one of the more anticipated Nintendo Wii U titles, but it is unfortunate that Nintendo didn’t do all it could with the game.

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