Jul 29, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams defensive lineman Michael Sam (96) signs autographs after practice at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Sam's college roommate says the linebacker has changed

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Outside of what he did as the lead linebacker at Missouri, the world was pretty unfamiliar with Michael Sam… at least Michael Sam the person. Once his homosexuality, Sam became a

But according to Sam’s former college roommate and Pittsburgh Steeler tight end Eric Waters, the St. Louis Rams linebacker has changed since his collegiate days.

From Trib Live:

The guy Waters got to know so well at Missouri isn’t the guy on display for the world to see now — at least that’s how his former roommate feels.

“He is a nice guy, but I will say the truth: A little bit of him has changed,” Waters said. “It is really not my situation to speculate at this point, but he is not the same Michael Sam anymore.”

The tight end would continue, stating that Sam’s persona has not mirrored the one he witnessed while in college.

“Just the way he acts and carries himself,” Waters said when asked what’s changed with Sam. “I was watching the NFL Network the other day and I think it was Marshall Faulk who said that he keeps referring to himself in the third person as Michael Sam this, Michael Sam that. That’s not the same guy we knew back when we were living together. He is not the same fun-loving, joking guy that really didn’t care about stuff like publicity.”

Change is never a bad thing and considering Sam has been through a lot since revealing his sexual orientation to the world, it’s not surprise this has happened. For Sam, being a fun-loving guy will likely shine through if he finds himself on the St. Louis Rams’ roster for the 2014 season. As a seventh-round pick, nothing is guaranteed for Sam–he has to fight for his spot on the roster, hopefully getting a spot over someone who was valued as a better player than him.

And the entire world is watching. If Sam makes the roster, his historical importance grows. If not, people will wipe under the rug how important Sam is to the progression of sexuality in professional sports. As the old folks say, work now, play later. That seems to be the current mantra for Michael Sam.

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