Xbox Live down on Xbox 360

For most gamers who play on a Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One, the experience on Xbox Live is the height of their games existence.

Each game is built around the online involvement of Xbox Live, and the additional content it brings to the table.  For the Microsoft Xbox 360 owners today, many of them are unable to experience that.

Although issues are not uncommon to Xbox Live here and there, the problem plaguing Xbox 360 owners today is a new one.  Many gamers are reporting that they see nothing but a black screen when trying to launch games or apps.

The issue has been reported back as far as Thursday night, but for Xbox Live, it has been a rough week as the service experienced some issues last weekend as well.

Xbox Support

Xbox Support

Microsoft has built a reputation of excellence when it comes to Xbox Live.  Say what you will about the paid service, but Xbox Live has shown over its existence that you truly do get a better experience when there is some tangible payment offered.

However, it’s somewhat unfortunate that Xbox Live has strung together a couple different issues in the matter of a few short weeks.  While the service has been typically spectacular, lately it has undergone a few hiccups.  An outage effecting only online gameplay would be a bit to get over as is, but not being able to access anything on the console is alarming.

Hopefully Microsoft and the team over at Xbox is able to get these issues sorted out in short order.  With so much great content headed to the system in the coming months, now is no time for slip ups.

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