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Jeff Hardy says he misses the WWE Universe

There are a lot of wrestlers that eventually leave WWE for one reason or another, but there are few that the WWE Universe would clamor to have back. One of those wrestlers that the fans would love to see back on the big stage is Jeff Hardy, and maybe he might want to make a return as well.

In a recent Dallas-area radio interview, Hardy noted that while he doesn’t miss the harsh schedule of WWE, he does miss the people that constantly supported him during his rise to fame in the company.

“I’ll watch “RAW” every now and then, and man I miss the Universe, but I don’t miss that schedule man. Years down the road, who knows, but right now, TNA is my home.”

Of course, with the uncertainty surrounding TNA at the moment as they wait and see if Spike TV will be keeping them or not, there is a very good chance that we could see Hardy back in WWE some time sooner rather than later.

If they lose the television deal, then it would be all but guaranteed that they would be going out of business, as they would have a tough time finding a new home.

But we know that Jeff certainly wouldn’t have a tough time finding work, as WWE would more than likely welcome him with open arms.

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