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WWE rumors: CM Punk and Jim Ross to commentate for New Japan Pro Wrestling?

In recent weeks, the contracts of two WWE legends, CM Punk and Jim Ross, have expired and they are no longer with the company, officially. This much we already knew, for the most part, but are they thinking about joining forces in the wrestling business once again, possibly over in Japan?

During a recent episode of his podcast, Ross actually tossed the idea out of he and Punk becoming the American broadcast team for the New Japan Pro Wrestling events, something that undoubtedly every wrestling fan would love to see.

According to a report from WrestleZone, the idea has indeed been pitched to the management team over in New Japan, but it doesn’t seem as if they’re all that interested.

During a recent Ross Report podcast, Jim Ross tossed out the idea of him and CM Punkworking together as broadcast partners in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The Wrestling Observer reports while this idea had been pitched to NJPW through different channels other than JR, the impression given is the company was not too keen on the idea of Ross working as an announcer for their iPPV events.

Why they would not want this is beyond me, and while Ross did state as well that he has not spoken directly to Punk about the idea, you know he would possibly be up for it. People keep wondering about Punk returning to professional wrestling, and we all know how much he loves to troll.

Joining forces with Ross to put the headset on for another promotion overseas would be the absolute ultimate troll job.

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