College football: 10 most disappointing Heisman Trophy winners

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Dec 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston looks at the trophy after being awarded the 2013 Heisman Trophy at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Heisman Trophy.

The pinnacle of a college football player’s career. The ultimate honor for the student-athlete.

Being named as the recipient of the Heisman means that you have placed yourself above all other college football players in the nation, both your play on the field and with your leadership and citizenship off the field.

The Heisman Charge is as follows (per

The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. The Heisman Trophy Trust ensures the continuation and integrity of this award. The Trust, furthermore, has a charitable mission to support amateur athletics and to provide greater opportunities to the youth of our country. Our goal through these charitable endeavors is for the Heisman Trophy to symbolize the fostering of a sense of community responsibility and service to our youth, especially those disadvantaged or afflicted. All assets of the Trust beyond the expense of maintaining the annual presentation of the Heisman Memorial Trophy are reserved for such charitable causes. The Trustees, who all serve pro bono, are guided by a devotion to college football and are committed to community service and the valued tradition which the Trophy represents.

In other words, take care of your business on the field, and don’t bring shame to your name, your school or the trophy itself off the field.

With that, there have been players who have been disappointments after winning the coveted award, either with how their professional careers progressed after college, or with their behavior…or both.

When it comes to playing after college, sometimes things just don’t work out. It doesn’t mean that a player wasn’t deserving of the Heisman while in college, but rather that their game and their skills simply didn’t meld in the professional ranks. While sometimes unavoidable, it’s still disappointing to a team who selects a Heisman winner with high hopes.

And it seems that in the last decade, many players have forgotten what it means to become a Heisman winner, and how their behavior reflects on the long line of fine athletes who came before. Arrests, drug use, poor choices in life have all plagued some recent Heisman winners.

Here are the Top 10 most disappointing Heisman Trophy winners in the history of the award.

Honorable Mention: Jameis Winston 2013, Tim Tebow 2007

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