Madden 15: Draft Classes

With the release of Madden 15 just a couple of weeks away, EA Sports decided to release a boat load of new information regarding the Connected Franchise Mode within the game.

In addition to the new Game Prep and confidence features and the overhaul of free agency, EA Sports has tweaked how draft classes are generated in the mode now that it’s no longer possible to import classes from an NCAA Football game.

For the first time in the game’s history, the draft classes each year will be completely random. All of the names, faces and ratings will be generated at random before each year. So, if you start a franchise as the Cowboys that year one draft class will be different than a year one class during your franchise as the Panthers.

The randomization of the draft classes in Madden 15 will no doubt add more replay value to the mode, knowing that you’ll never draft the same player.

In addition to the random draft classes, rookie storylines will also be randomized. Based on the various storylines added to the game over the last two years, rookies will be followed throughout the year as the build up to the draft marches on. Even after the draft, the rookies will have branching storylines that follow them.

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