Madden 15: Free Agency Redesign

EA Sports has blown the roof off the building regarding new details for the Connected Franchise Mode in Madden 15.

In addition to the new Game Prep and confidence features coming to the popular game mode, Madden 15 will also feature an overhauled free agency period for players in Connected Franchise.

In Madden games of old, players would usually only consider the amount of money being offered by a team when it came down to whether or not to sign. In Madden 15, that no longer will be the case.

When trying to sign a free agent in the offseason in Madden 15, the player will do a full evaluation of your team before making his decision. Taking things like coaches, scheme and team needs into consideration, the player will now make sure to do what’s best for him as far as on the field play goes.

Players will find it easier to know why their contract offer was rejected. All of the evaluation factors that a player will think about is shown on your screen. You can also see what other teams are bidding for that player’s services.

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Mike’s Musings: The changes to free agency in Madden 15 is something that was a long time coming. It had been solely about offering players the most money, that it became boring. This should make free agency in Madden 15 fun again.


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