Madden 15: Minor changes to Connected Franchise

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EA Sports has released details on a number of major changes coming to the popular Connected Franchise Mode in Madden 15.

However, other than the major changes like Draft Classes, Free Agency, Relocation and Game Prep, there are a number of smaller changes coming to the game.

All of the smaller changes coming to Madden 15’s Connected Franchise Mode can be found below.

Redesigned Buy Packages

One of my favorite changes this year makes it easier to buy packages as a player, coach or owner. Players can now buy multiple packages at once and commit to changes with one press of a button instead of having to buy one package at a time like previous Madden games. We’re hoping this change makes it easier to upgrade players going forward. We’ve also added a filter to the coach buy package screen that should allow for easier navigation.


Owner Mode Finances

Our team listened carefully to fans, and made big changes to Owner Mode. Every sellable item (concessions, merchandise) now has a sweet spot that determines the maximum amount of profit that can be earned. If prices stay at their default levels, you will always leave money on the table.

Owner Mode is now much more challenging when it comes to making a profit, and teams with older stadiums in smaller markets may be better off building new stadiums or relocating altogether.

As always, the best solution in Owner Mode is winning. Win and the fans will spend money. Our goal was to make Owner Mode much more challenging this year, and we feel like we’ve accomplished that.

Sim To

One of Madden 15’s late additions is very helpful to players that like to simulate multiple seasons at a time. Players can sim to a point in the future (the next draft, the offseason, next season), and the game will advance weeks until it reaches that point. We even added an option to simulate ten years into the future! In online leagues, only commissioners can simulate to a point in the future.


Redesigned Goals

Weekly goals for players and coaches have been completely revamped with refreshed goals that, react to player status, team ratings, types of games, etc. Goals now take into account where you are in the depth chart. You will no longer be expected to rush for 100 yards as the third-string running back.


Multiple Commissioners

The team sat down early in the development cycle with our EA SPORTS Game Changers, and one of the things that came out of that meeting was a new commissioner tool. Online commissioners can now assign other league users as commissioners so that you always have someone who can advance the league if the primary commissioner is away.

Injured Reserve

Users can now remove an injured player from IR if they heal quickly. Use this functionality carefully, as it’s only allowed once per season.

Staff Hiring/Firing

In order to give owners more control, it’s now possible to hire or fire staff members (head coach, trainer or scout) during the season.

Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl now mimics real life, as conference affiliations have been removed in favor of two legends serving as captains.

Alternate Uniforms

CPU teams now have a chance to wear alternate uniforms in a regular season game. There’s also a news story that reacts to the team doing it.

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Mike’s Musings: A lot of this changes, as mentioned, are minor. However, they are much needed. The ability to fire and hire coaches mid season is an awesome addition as well as the IR changes. EA Sports has seemingly done quite a bit to make people more invested into the Connected Franchise Mode than ever before.

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