NBA jerseys redesigned as soccer kits (Photos)

There has been a trend of redesigning various logos as European soccer teams, in particular a four-part series that just wrapped up. Designer Jesse Nunez has taken that idea a step further and redesigned all NBA jerseys as if they were soccer shirts.

Since Adidas sponsors NBA jerseys, he designed them as Adidas soccer jerseys, with the company logo and the famous three stripes on the shoulders.

Nunez followed a basic template to design the jerseys and displayed it on his Behance page and it is pretty straightforward. Logo on the left chest, stars to honor past championships.

The template shows sponsors being on the front, but for some NBA jerseys it is on the back.


They look pretty amazing overall, and here are the results for every team:

Atlanta Hawks

ATL Hawks

Boston Celtics


bos celts

Brooklyn Nets

brooklyn nets

Charlotte Hornets

charlotte hornets

Chicago Bulls

chicago bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

cleveland cavaliers

Dallas Mavericks

dallas mavericks

Denver Nuggets

denver nuggets

Detroit Pistons

detroit pistons

Golden State Warriors

golden state warriors

Houston Rockets

houston rocket

Indiana Pacers

indiana pacers

Los Angeles Clippers

los angeles clippers

Los Angeles Lakers

los angeles lakers

Memphis Grizzlies

memphis grizzlies

Miami Heat

miami heat

Milwaukee Bucks

milwaukee bucks

Minnesota Timberwolves

minnesota timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans

new orleans pelicans

New York Knicks

new york knicks

Oklahoma City Thunder

oklahoma city thunder

Orlando Magic

orlando magic

Philadelphia 76ers

philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Suns

phoenix suns

Portland Trail Blazers

portland trailblazers

Sacramento Kings

sacramento kings

San Antonio Spurs

san antonio spurs

Toronto Raptos

toronto raptors

Utah Jazz

utah jazz

Washington Wizards

washington wizzards

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