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Nightwish drummer Jukka Nevalainen to miss new album, tour

There have been a lot of changes surrounding the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish over the last few years, but this one seems to be the worst news of all.

In 2012, the band parted ways with their second lead singer, Anette Olzon, citing personality conflicts as the reason for the split.

Dutch singer/songwriter Floor Jansen was brought in to complete the remainder of the Imaginaerum World Tour.

It was later announced that Jansen would be remaining with the band as they head back into the studio to record their next album, which is set to be released in the spring of 2015.

Unfortunately, there was some rather disappointing news that came to light this afternoon.

Despite all of their efforts, Nightwish drummer Jukka Nevalainen will be forced to bow out of the new album and its supporting tour due to health issues.

In a video statement, which you can see below, Jukka admits that he has suffered with a serious case of insomnia for a number of years now.

According to the Finnish drummer, they have done everything within their power to attempt to make this work, but that for the betterment of his personal health, he just can’t offer 100% of himself to the album and tour. This meant that the only thing he could do is step away and allow the band to continue on their path.

From the looks of things, this does not look to be a permanent arrangement. According to everyone involved, Jukka will be able to retake his place behind the drums as soon as his health permits. Unfortunately, no matter how much fans like us want to see him push forward, it is simply not fair to ask someone to compromise their personal well-being for our entertainment.

In the meantime, Jukka has reached out to his close personal friend Kai Hahto, formerly of the band Swallow the Sun, will be filling in for Jukka on the new album. Details on the replacement for the supporting tour have yet to be determined.

Take a look at the video released this morning by the band where you’ll hear from Jukka himself as well as his bandsmates Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala, Emppu Vuorinen, and Floor Jansen about the situation at hand.

A good portion of the interview is in Finnish; however, there are subtitles so everyone can see what they all have to say.


Nightwish’s currently untitled album is due out in Spring 2015.

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