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Chris Jericho helps a WWE fan give a marriage proposal in the ring (Video)

WWE star Chris Jericho has a knack for bringing on surprises. All you have to do is look at every one of his comebacks to the company to see that. But he is in no way selfish in this aspect. No, he’ll be more than happy to help a fan pull off something surprising, as he recently showed during a WWE live event in Australia.

During the live event, Jericho actually helped a fan propose marriage to his girlfriend right in the middle of the ring in one of the more awesome videos that you will ever see.

You can check it out in the video below.

That was amazing. You also have to credit WWE for letting that happen and running with it, but there was no better superstar to do it with than Jericho, who again, just loves bringing the shock factor to the company’s shows.

WWE is entertainment in all aspects, and letting the fans be a part of the show in this manner is just another great example of that. Now you’ll more than likely see more people wanting to follow suit, and that just makes things even better.

Gentlemen, would you like to propose to your lady in a WWE ring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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