ESPN's SEC Network will change the way we view college sports

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Image courtesy ESPN/SEC Network

Image courtesy ESPN/SEC Network

The launch of the much-ballyhooed SEC Network is just over a week away, and SEC fans are exhibiting their typical fervor waiting for the conference’s signature network to take to the airwaves.

But whether or not you are a fan of the Southeastern Conference, you should take note of what you are about to read.

This is not just another cable network, and is not just another way to get SEC sports in front of more viewers. If you think you’re going to get a version of the Big Ten Network or Longhorn Network with a Carolina BBQ flavor, think again.

The SEC Network is going to change the way we view college sports, both in our minds, and with our eyes.

I took a tour of the new SEC Network studios in Charlotte, N.C., and had the chance to catch a quick glimpse of what’s in store for viewers. The coverage is (of course) going to be comprehensive, but there will be so much more to delight fans of the SEC, and perhaps to enlighten those outside the conference as to what makes the bond between otherwise mortal conference enemies so strong.

The shows will be fresh, and not regurgitated versions of other network’s lineups.

The talent is incredible, and ready to go. When asked what it was like waiting for the launch, SEC Now host Dari Nowkhah said, “It’s like asking a football player if they’re ready to stop hitting each other in practice and get into a game. We sit here and rehearse and rehearse. I’m tired of hitting her (pointing to co-host Maria Taylor).”

Here’s what to expect when the launch finally happens on August 14th.


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