Arrested Development season 5 confirmed by Will Arnett

After a long hiatus from being aired on Fox, the cult series Arrested Development came back to its fans to deliver a fourth season on Netflix but beyond that there hasn’t been much to talk about from the series in terms of what is next.

But a fifth season of the show seems like its finally going to happen after a long wait. Of course, any wait is relative as the wait before the fourth season was excruciating and the wait for the fifth season won’t be nearly as long.

That wait is going to be even shorter now that actor Will Arnett has confirmed a fifth season of the show is going to happen for sure.

The fifth season of Arrested Development is looking like it might be something that gets the series back on track for hardcore fans, as the fourth season was mixed with the diehards and wasn’t something that appealed to all.

Arnett saying that a fifth season of the show is going to happen and a fifth season of the show actually happening are two different things as a new season of the show has been promised for a while now and we have yet to get official production confirmation from anyone.

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