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Facebook app officially dropping messages

If you are one of the few still not using the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone, then you will likely see yourself being forced to do so in the coming weeks.

Facebook has confirmed that the messages feature on the official Facebook app for iPhone and Android will be removed, forcing all users who want to continue sending messages to download the Facebook Messenger in order to do so.

Holdouts who still haven’t downloaded Messenger will start seeing the option for messages disappear from the Facebook app, and all of their messages will be transferred over.

It’s unknown how long Facebook will give users to download the Messenger app. But what is known is that if users want to continue to be able to talk with friends on the social network site using their mobile device, they are going to need the app.

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Mike’s Musings: At first, I couldn’t stand the Facebook Messenger app. However, as the time goes on, I get more used to it, and actually don’t mind it. In fact, I spend more time on that app than I do the regular Facebook app.

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