NBA Rankings: The 5 best centers in basketball

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Houston Rockets power forward Dwight Howard (12) talks to Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah (13) during the second quarter at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than two months away from real, live NBA basketball (at least of the preseason variety), and as such, we are counting down with the top five players at each and every position across the league. The incredible depth at the point guard position was extremely evident, while the utter dearth of shooting guard options remains one of the most highly-discussed topics in the basketball world. Up front, the elite of the elite occupy the small forward spot, while the power forward position employs a very nice combination of young talent and veterans poised for future induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Now? Our NBA rankings for the center position.

For years, the big men in the NBA have been maligned, as the public mourns the loss of the “great centers” in the league in favor of a smaller, fast-paced game. However, that downgrade in talent has been incredibly overstated in recent seasons, and in fact, there is certainly more depth with regard to the league’s bigs than there is at the 2-guard position. With that being said, it is time to break down the list of the best centers in the NBA today, and let’s get it started with the honorable mentions before counting down from five to one.

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