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WWE rumors: Nikki Bella rubbing people the wrong way backstage

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When you’re dating one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling within the last 25 years, it could only be considered natural that you would get a big head. Well that seems to be the case with Nikki Bella.

According to a report from PWMania, there are many backstage that are rubbed the wrong way by Nikki, and a lot of that has to do with her relationship with John Cena, and the way that she flaunts it all over the place.

There is some resentment toward Nikki within WWE as they feel she has let fame get to her head. “Twin Magic” sees herself as the sports-entertainment organization’s top Diva due to Total Divas and her relationship with the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. She constantly brags about expensive things he buys her, which is viewed as crass and tacky by her colleagues.

Now it should be pointed out that the report also went on to state that Brie is not seen in the same light. Basically, Brie is the polar opposite of Nikki, and carries herself exactly as she’s portrayed on Total Divas, as the more responsible of the two.

Of course, this report really shouldn’t come as a shock to a lot of people, especially if you take Total Divas seriously.

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