'Better Call Saul' to debut in February of 2015 (Video)

All of the ‘Breaking Bad’ junkies will love to hear this news that came through the wire on Monday, as the long awaited spin-off of the show, ‘Better Call Saul,’ now officially has a debut date, and that will be in February of 2015 on AMC.

The show, centered around the antics of the sleazeball lawyer, Saul Goodman, has been talked about for quite some time now, and everyone that was a a huge fan of Breaking Bad has been eagerly anticipating this announcement.

There was even a teaser trailer shown that was released by AMC that confirmed the news of the release date, which you can view below.

Just watching that trailer brings back a lot of great memories from what many consider to be the greatest show ever put on television in Breaking Bad, and gets your hopes up very high for Better Call Saul, which will no doubt deliver.

While Bob Odenkirk plays the Saul Goodman role so well and will be instrumental in making this show the success that it more than likely will become in the future, more people are probably looking forward to potential cameo appearances from both Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

What will happen and when it will happen, we don’t know. But we do now know that we’ll begin to find out shortly after the new year.

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