Facebook Messenger app tanking

Facebook has long been warning users of the upcoming change to the Facebook app on mobile devices.  The popular social networking giant has been noting that an eventual split with the messaging service on its mobile app was coming, unfortunately that time is now.  The Facebook Messenger app has seen an extreme amount of disgruntled users.

Facebook rolled out a new version of the Facebook Messenger app last week as it ramped up for the big switch.  On the Apple App Store however, it’s only the current version of the app that displays the ratings for the technology.

As users have been forced to download the new app, Facebook has watched the ratings fall from 4 stars in the previous versions, to the new resting place of one star.  The forced move has been met with extreme criticism, and users have taken to the App Store to voice their distaste.



User outrage is no new thing to Facebook, the timeline and profile redesigns were met with harsh criticisms, however those mainly affected the online experience.  With the Facebook Messenger app being forced on mobile users, the app store has seen all of the backlash.

As Facebook continues to separate all of their services and push for a division amongst the brand, users continue to shake their heads and wonder what the end game is.  Twitter has seen a pretty large outcry concerning Facebook’s decisions as well.

While, I’m not at all a fan of the move, I don’t care enough to leave any bad reviews, I simply just won’t use it.

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