Seth Rogen and James Franco in a promotional poster for "The Interview." Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

The Interview will be edited to avoid conflict with North Korea

Ever since the very first footage from the upcoming comedy The Interview made its way to the internet, it has been one of the biggest hot button issues.

The film has drawn the ire of not just some of the people of North Korea, but some of North Korea’s most powerful people…like Kim Jong-Un himself.

The Korean government has blasted the film on every occasion they have been presented with.

They have even gone as far as to file a formal complaint with the U.N., ask that United States President Barack Obama ban the release of the film, and even go on to call the release of the film an act of terrorism which would be met with “merciless countermeasures.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures will be digitally altering a number of pieces of hardware worn by some of the actors in the film because of how closely they resemble actual hardware worn by the North Korean military to honor their leader Kim Jong-Un and his late father Kim Jong-Il.

In addition to the hardware change, the report says that the studio is also considering cutting out a scene in which Kim Jong-Un has his face melted off in slow-motion.

While we still stand by our claims that North Korea may be taking this whole ordeal a bit too seriously, I can see why the studio would move to alter the hardware; especially since it involves a person who is still among the living.

Whether or not the potentially cut scene will have any major impact on the outcome of the film and whether the film is actually funny or not remains to be seen.

The good news is, these changes will hopefully circumvent and further tensions between nations. There are plenty of matters going on elsewhere in the world that are far more detrimental to the nation’s security than the release of a comedy film, and hopefully the government can get back to concentrating on those issues.

Both Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be directing the film in addition to penning the script alongside screenwriter Dan Sterling. Sterling has lots of writing experience in the television market, having written for popular shows like South ParkKing of the HillThe Office, and more.

In addition to Rogen, the film also stars his friend and longtime collaborator James Franco. The Interview also stars Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan, Tommy Chang, Randall Park, Diana Bang, and many more.

The Interview is scheduled to be released on December 25, 2014.


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