Wiz Khalifa album 'Blacc Hollywood' leaks, stream album and listen here

Wiz Khalifa’s fifth studio album titled Blacc Hollywood is set to be released next Tuesday. But like seemingly every album, it has leaked well in advance of the release date.

Khalifa thinks this album is his best yet and credits his ability to be more involved in the creative process and in the control of the project.

“I was able to work more hands-on with this one, sort of the way I am with my mixtapes, where we strive for the best and we really don’t settle or accept anything other than the best,” Khalifa said, via the USA Today.

“I think the unique thing about all of my other projects were the mind states that I was in at that time and what I was trying to get out to the world, and just how important that message really was to me at that time,” Khalifa said. “The thing about Blacc Hollywood is everything I’m talking about has been very important to me right now. I’m really passionate about it, and you can just feel the passion through the music. You can see it through the artwork; you can see it in the visuals and the videos and things like that.”

The entire album is available to listen to via a stream from MTV, embedded below, but we won’t post links to download the album illegally. The album features some hits you might recognize already, like “We Dem Boyz.” There is a remix of that song featuring Rick Ross, Schoolboy Q and Nas on the album.

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