Lil Wayne freestyles SportsCenter theme (Video)

Lil Wayne performed in Connecticut last night when the Drake vs Lil Wayne tour swung through Hartford. While in Connecticut, Wayne decided to swing through the ESPN offices in Bristol.

Since then it has been a busy day for Lil Wayne at ESPN. At one point he told the SportsCenter hosts that he had yet to go to sleep since stepping of stage at the concert the night before.

He announced the release date for Tha Carter V and the album cover art. He has competed in some arcade style basketball shooting competitions. Other than that it has been awkward interviews and rehashing what incidents happened earlier in the day.

During one segment, they got Lil Wayne to “free style” the SportsCenter theme.  Lil Wayne says he isn’t a free style rapper, that he is a better rapper. Basically what he is saying is that he needs to think about it and write it and can’t just rap freestyle, which was kind of surprising.

He seemed uncomfortable about the whole situation but performed it anyways, and it wasn’t horrible. We’ll see if ESPN uses it on any further broadcasts of if that was just a one time thing.

What did you think of the freestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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