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Gang Related Season Finale Recap: Who really killed Jessica?

This has certainly been an interesting season on the new Fox Original Series Gang Related. We have had our ups and downs, but this season certainly went out with one heck of a bang. Let’s take a look at went down in this week’s Season Finale episode of Gang Related titled “Malandros.”

As you can imagine, after the bombshell that they dropped on us at the end of last week’s episode, there was really only one way that this could have gone down; a full on assault on the Metas.

It should come as no surprise that the first person to strike was the Head of the Gang Task Force himself, Sam Chapel.

You could tell by the look on his face when he saw his only daughter’s beaten and bloody body hanging lifeless in a door frame in her home that there would be hell to pay for her murder.

Logically, the thing to do in these situations is to cut off the head and watch the body die. In other words, go after El Mozo and watch the Metas crumble.

So…that is just what Chapel did. Unfortunately, El Mozo was not talking. He asserted his innocence and refused to give up the location of Mattias, the man who was responsible for the murder of Jessica Chapel.

Needless to say, Chapel wasn’t buying what Mozo was selling and proceeded to attempt to beat the life out of him. Thankfully for Mozo, Chapel was stopped by the prison warden. To make matters worse, the chief of police decided to suspend Chapel for his actions.

There is both good and bad news that comes along with this revelation. The bad news is, he is going to lose a lot of resources when it comes to tracking down his daughter’s killer. On the flip side, he has all the time in the world to pursue Matias. As it turns out, it would not take very long for Cassius to locate him.

Chapel tells the GTF that he is heading down to Mexicali, Mexico to track down Matias and bring him back to the U.S. The issue is, the members of the GTF consider each other to be family, and there was no way they were going to let Chapel head to Mexico on his own to face off with the entire might of the Metas. After a charge led by Ryan Lopez, they all decided to head to Mexico together in search of Matias.

Unfortunately, once they got to Mexico, absolutely nothing went according to plan.

You see, the Metas have almost the entire police force as well as the politicians in their pockets in Mexico, which means that the GTF is all on their own in tracking down Matias.

Their first batch of intel gets them set up on a dirt road. When they acquire their target, they realize that it wasn’t Matias after all. Fortunately for them, it was someone much more valuable. It was El Mozo’s daughter Monica.

The task force did the only thing that they could at this point and used his daughter to get at Mozo. While Chapel has Mozo on the phone though Monica’s cell phone, he decides that if Mozo won’t give up Matias, then he is going to do to Monica what Matias did to Jessica. Eventually, after a little intervention and reasoning from Lopez, Mozo decides to give up Matias.

The thing is…he didn’t really.

It turns out that the entire exchange of Matias for Monica was nothing more than a set up. As we said before, the Metas own the government in Mexico. So…where were we? Oh, yes…the turning of the tables.

So, just when you think that Matias is about to pull the trigger and end the lives of those in the GTF, well…he doesn’t. In fact, he tells Chapel and the team that the people he is really looking for are in a building right across the way from where they are.

Meanwhile, back at home the Acosta family prepares for Daniel’s wedding to Silvie. Daniel and Silvie agreed to move their wedding forward before Daniel’s father Javier was transferred to another prison and unable to attend.

During the wedding, the newly-married Acosta helps to broker a deal between Javier and Lavar Quintel that will help keep operations moving while Javier is in prison. Because of this, Javier tells Lavar that he will be leaving Daniel in charge of Los Angelicos while he is away. As you can imagine, this didn’t sit too well with Carlos.

So, now here we are at the moment of truth. Who really killed Sam’s daughter Jessica? I hope you’re sitting down.

When they get into the building there are a bunch of men hanging by their arms.

“The same man who raised him since he was a young man, the same man he has spent his entire life trying to protect, is the one who set the ball in motion to have the woman he loved murdered.

All of them have either been beaten to death or within an inch of their lives. After taking a look at them, Ryan realizes that they are all Los Angelicos.

One of the men left alive is Gnomo Pinzeta. While he proceeds to beg for help and forgiveness, he tells Ryan that it was him who killed Jessica. Ryan is simply lost for words.

Immediately, he asks Gnomo if it was Carlos who authorized Jessica to be green lit. Gnomo tells him that it was Javier.

The same man who raised him since he was a young man, the same man he has spent his entire life trying to protect, is the one who set the ball in motion to have the woman he loved murdered. He is in pure shock and disbelief.

Unfortunately for Gnomo, he won’t be receiving a fair trial in the United States. Chapel made sure that Gnomo met the business end of quite a few bullets.

Once the team was back in the U.S. the bomb started to tick.

Let’s start once again with the Acostas. As we said previously, Javier has left Daniel in charge instead of promoting his other son Carlos to the top spot. Needless to say, this move doesn’t set well with Carlos at all. As soon as Daniel starts to take charge of the meeting, Carlos heads for the door. If the look on his face is any indication of what is going to happen next, Los Angelicos is about to be in the middle of a civil war.

As for the imprisoned Acosta, he is not going to get off quite as easily as he thinks he is. One of the first things that Ryan does when he gets back, besides having a complete melt down ad trashing his kitchen, is going to see Javier in prison. He confronts him about what happened to Jessica, but Javier asserts that everything he did was to protect the family. Ryan certainly didn’t buy Javier’s lies.

As the episode began to wind down, everything finally came into focus.

As we suspected, Agent Carter tracked down Chapel and played the voicemail that Jessica left for him right before her murder. Now, Chapel has a bug in his ear that Ryan may have had something to do with his daughter’s murder. We can assure you this is going to be a tense conversation.

Now, here we are at the big shocker of the night. Throughtout his stay in the prison, Javier has been segregated into the West side of the prison with the Long Beach Lords. Unfortunately for Javier, plans have changed.

He has now been assigned to the East wing of the prison along with the Metas. As you can imagine, after he tried to frame them for Jessica Chapel’s murder and sending the GTF right to their back door, the Metas are not too pleased with Javier.

It only took thirty seconds of Javier being on the inside for him to be surrounded by Metas. Javier throws the first punch, but is quickly overtaken by the Metas. Who was it that put Javier in this position? Ryan Lopez.

Your guess is just about as good as ours as to whether or not Javier will survive the beating he is currently receiving. The one thing that we do know for sure, things are never going to be the same again.

If Ryan has truly chosen the GTF over his “family,” the Acostas are going to do everything they can to bury him; especially if they find out it was Lopez who puut Javier in that situation to begin with.

At the same time, now that Chapel has some suspicions that Ryan may have been more involved with Jessica’s murder than anyone would like to admit, there is constantly going to be a target on his head.

Right now, the future of Gang Related remains uncertain. The series has not yet been picked up for a second season; however, at the same time, there has been no official word of the show being cancelled.

At this point, all we can do is sit back and speculated on whether the series will be picked up for a second season, and what we hope to see in that season should it be green lit.

What did you think of this season of Gang Related? Would you like to see the series back for a second season? What do you think will happen in said season should it ever come to light? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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