iPhone 6 pictures leak on TMZ

The folks at TMZ break a lot of celebrity news, but they don’t usually dabble into to the tech world very often. However, they seem to have gotten a hold of photographs of an iPhone 6, the next generation of the smartphone.

The pictures include shots of just the iPhone 6 and it up against an iPhone 5S.

Here is how TMZ said they obtained the photos:

We’re told the phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China … where the majority of iPhone models are manufactured.

The owner of the phone says the smuggler is his friend — an ex-employee — who worked in Foxconn’s hardware department designing the outer casing for the new model.

As for the inner workings — we’re told it’s not running an authentic Apple IOS, which is SOP during the development stage for security purposes.

We’re told the new phone is noticeably lighter … and appears to have a new sensor on the front … though it’s unclear for what.

There is rumored to be an unveiling set for next month, but in the mean time you can check out the pictures below.

iphone 6 7

i phone 6 comparison

iphone 6 2

iphone 6 4

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