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Vince McMahon unveils new WWE logo (Photo)

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While WWE SummerSlam is the big news in the professional wrestling world this weekend, the other bit of news that everyone has been paying attention to is the fact that, after Sunday’s event, the logo will be switched across the company. And on Friday, Vince McMahon personally unveiled the new logo, and of course, plugged the WWE Network at the same time.

Of course, there was speculation for some time that the new logo would just be the same version as the one that has been used for the WWE Network, but it was just speculation. McMahon personally showing this off via twitter is all the visual evidence needed.

Also, having Vince pose with the new logo really makes you think about and appreciate just how long he has been in charge of the largest professional wrestling company in the world. Think of the changes that the company has seen under his watch since he took over for his father in the 1980s. It really is astounding.

Now, the newest change is the scratch logo disappearing for the one that McMahon is showing off above, signaling yet another end of an era in the professional wrestling business.

But now for the important part. What’s your thoughts on the new WWE logo? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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