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Man who loses fantasy football league forced to post embarrassing photos on Instagram

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More and more of us play fantasy football nowadays.  In every league there is a prize for the winner.  In most leagues, there is something embarrassing for the loser.  For instance, in my work league, the loser has to sign all emails with a signature voted on by the league, and he has to pick up the first round of drinks at next year’s draft.

I know what you’re thinking: not bad, right?  I concede that, but there are some that range from bizarre, to cruel, to both.I know of a league that makes the loser be the chore slave of the winner for a whole week, and to the runner-up for a weekend.  I declined to join that league for obvious reasons.  If I’m going to do landscaping, it is going to be on my own house!

Such as this one.  An as-yet unidentified man was forced to post some embarrassing pictures to Instagram.  He had to make his own private calendar, showing him re-enacting a pose from the ESPN Body Issue:

This one has him re-enacting the iconic photo of Brandi Chastain from the 1999 World Cup.

The rest of the photos can be seen on this poor man’s account here.  At least he had a great sense of humor about the whole thing!

So the moral of the story is: know what the penalty is for taking last place in your league before signing up, and read all of the advice columns you can.

Don’t be this guy!

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