WWE 2k15 Roster: The Superstars

As part of its SummerSlam weekend festivities, the WWE, along with 2K Sports, held a panel that included a number of current and past WWE superstars to announce the full roster for the upcoming release of WWE 2k15.

The roster includes a large chunk of the WWE roster, with, obviously, most of the roster is filled of the male superstars that fans get to see on a weekly basis. Wrestlers like John Cena, Randy Orton, Cesaro and the Usos are all available to take inside the squared circle, but what about the rest?

Check out the full list of superstars available in WWE 2k15 below.

WWE 2k15 Roster: Superstars
 John Cena (Thuganomics)
 John Cena (HLR)
 CM Punk
 Roman Reigns
Damien Sandow
 Dean Ambrose
 Seth Rollins
 Bray Wyatt
 Erick Rowan
 Luke Harper
 The Undertaker
 The Miz
 Darren Young
 Randy Orton
 Rob Van Dam
 Chris Jericho
 Brock Lesner
Dolph Ziggler
Jay Uso
 Jimmy Uso
 Big E
 Jack Swagger
 Daniel Bryan
 Justin Gabriel
 Tyson Kidd
 Kofi Kingston
 Alberto Del Rio
 Bad News Barrett
 Big Show
 Curtis Axel
 Mark Henry
 Cody Rhodes

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Mike’s Musings: Overall, the roster of current superstars includes nearly everyone on the roster. Even superstars like Del Rio and CM Punk, who are no longer with the company, made it to the roster. That being said, hopefully more get added to the mix, but we know superstars like Bo Dallas will just end up being paid DLC.


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