Aug 17, 2014; Brooklyn, MI, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Joey Logano leads the field during the Pure Michigan 400 at Michigan International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Fans boo awful 'call to drivers' at Nascar's Pure Michigan 400 (Video)

Tune into a Nascar race and one of the most important moments (outside of the race, of course) is the call to drivers. Usually given by the race’s Grand Marhsall, the call to drivers informs them to ‘start your engine’ and a rush of horsepower screams through the grandstands as fans loudly cheer.

That normal cheering was replaced by hefty boo birds on Sunday during Nascar’s Pure Michigan 400 however, namely thanks to Olympic ice dancing gold medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis.

Serving as Grand Marshall(s) for the race, the two decided they would split the opportunity and inform the driver’s to start their engines. White opened up the moment and it certainly wasn’t what was expected. Normally you see people get a little wild and go over the top, loudly shouting the instructions.

Instead, White gave a rather meager instruction, though that wasn’t even the worst part. Following him was Davis, who gave off instructions as if she was having a conversation in a library.

I mean, you have to turn your speakers up to full blast mode to even hear what they were saying.

Now, granted, I’m guessing they weren’t the biggest Nascar fans (why Nascar uses non-fans as as Grand Marshall I’ll never know) but you’d think you’d maybe at least watch a video or two beforehand to see how the situation normally unfolds, no?

There have no doubt been some rather poor driver calls before, though White and Davis may have just found themselves atop the list.

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