Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin as Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse in Season 7 Episode 9 of "True Blood" titled "Love is to Die." Photo Credit: HBO

True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Preview: What to expect from ‘Love is to Die’

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The end is almost upon us. At this point, there are only two more episodes remaining in the bloody, popular HBO Original Series True Blood. This includes tonight’s all-new episode. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from tonight’s episode of True Blood which is aptly titled “Love is to Die.”

We think it is pretty safe to say that Bill Compton has officially made the single stupidest decision that he could have ever imagined making.

This is something of such epic proportions that even the bad decisions of Sookie Stackhouse don’t hold a candle to this one.

Bill has decided that he doesn’t want Sarah Newlin’s blood.

This means that he has effectively chosen to allow the Hep-V to continue to ravage his system until he finally meets his true death.

This means that he will not only be leaving Sookie once and for all, but he is effectively abandoning his progeny Jessica. We all know how attached she is to Bill. There is no telling how she is going to react when he finally meets his end.

Speaking of decisions, Sam Merlotte has a pretty big decision of his own to make. You see, Sam’s pregnant girlfriend Nicole has decided that she has had just about enough of the chaos in Bon Temps. She has decided that she is leaving Bon Temps once and for all.

She asked Sam to accompany her far away from the madness; however, this means that he’ll have to leave everyone and everything he has ever known behind. He can’t just walk away from all of this when the town needs him to most, can he?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to scratch the surface of the issues in tonight’s episode of True Blood. According to the synopsis for tonight’s episode, our favorite Nordic vampire is about to find himself in a rather precarious position himself.

The synopsis says that Eric “faces a dilemma when he’s caught in a lie.” We all know that Eric lies all the time if it means the difference between him getting what he desires or not. The thing that doesn’t happen so often is him actually getting caught.

This brings us to the question that we are sure is now on the top of everyone’s mind. Just what is it that Eric was caught lying about? Does Mr. Gus Jr. catch him in a lie in order to protect someone like Sookie or Pam or is it something of a more personal nature that involves a certain Sookie Stackhouse?

Hopefully, all these questions and more will be answered in tonight’s penultimate episode of True Blood; however, if we know the series like we think we do, we are sure there will be plenty more questions to take their place.

In the meantime between now and then, let’s take a look at the preview for tonight’s episode of True Blood which is titled “Love is to Die.”


True Blood airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.


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