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UFC Fight Night 47 results: Ryan Bader outlasts Ovince Saint Preux

In the main event of UFC Fight Night 47, Ryan Bader and Ovince Saint Preux squared off in a match up between two top ten light heavyweights at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine. With a win, each fighter would be one step closer to a title shot.

Round 1: Saint Preux came out with his hands hanging low to stop any takedown attempt from Bader, hoping that his speed would be enough to stop any shot upstairs. Unfortunately for Saint Preux, Bader was able to change levels after a brief exchange and put Saint Preux on his back. Bader was working from side control and began working toward’s Saint Preux’s back, but OSP bounced back to his feet during the scramble. Saint Preux fired off a high kick that Bader was able to block. Saint Preux caught Bader with a right hand as Bader came charging in, but Bader quickly regrouped. Bader closed out the round with another takedown and some short strikes from side control. FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Bader

Round 2: Bader charged in for a takedown to start the second frame, but Saint Preux shook off the attempt and threw some wild strikes from close range. Bader avoided any damage and circled back to the center of the cage. Saint Preux landed a huge kick to the body that Bader seemed to walk through. Saint Preux continued to keep his hands low, and that allowed him to get away from yet another takedown attempt from Bader. Bader seemed hesitant with his strikes while OSP was not afraid to fire off wild looping punches, but the speed of Saint Preux was allowing him to get away with taking more chances. OSP stuffed a takedown from Bader and landed in the top position, before working some ground-and-pound to the body and some heavy shots upstairs as Bader scrambled back to his feet. FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Saint Preux (19-19)

Round 3:  OSP charged after Bader early in the middle round after some missed strikes from the former TUF winner, but he was still unable to find a home for his punches. After the two men stared at each other from across the cage, Bader landed a quick takedown. OSP bounced right back to his feet, but Bader had a hold of his back and was able to elevate him and put Saint Preux right back on the canvas. Saint Preux scrambled back to his feet but was temporarily caught in a guillotine attempt from Bader, before OSP was the victim of another takedown. Saint Preux was hanging on to avoid damage, but he was not mounting any offense from his back. Saint Preux missed on an attempt to land a switch and Bader still had the double underhooks. Bader was relentless with his wrestling against the cage and OSP seemed to be wearing down with no answer. FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Bader  (29-28, Bader)

Round 4: OSP showed some urgency at the start of the round, but Bader was not in any danger. OSP was establishing his jab, but he was visibly slowing down and simply looking for a one punch knockout. Saint Preux just missed on a big overhand and shoved Bader against the cage and Bader responded with a takedown attempt. Saint Preux shook off the takedown, but ate a knee to the body for his efforts and eventually found himself right on his back. Bader was riding OSP’s back and that was allowing him to control where he wanted the fight to take place. Bader tried for a kimura, but he instantly gave up and rolled OSP back to his back where Bader was working from half guard before going back to the ride position as the round came to an end. FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Bader  (39-37)

Round 5: OSP’s corner urged him to pick up the effort in the final round and he started things off with a straight shot that landed flush, but he failed to follow up with any combination. OSP shot for a takedown of his own and put Bader on his back, which was Saint Preux’s best position of the night. Saint Preux moved to side control, but Bader was able to scramble to his knees before getting back to his feet. Bader responded with a throw from the clinch and returned the favor of putting his opponent on his back. Bader briefly looked for the arm triangle, but he instead chose to continue smothering OSP from half guard. Bader went for another takdown, but OSP threw some nasty elbows that split Bader’s head open. OSP ended up back in the top position, but he was running out of time to secure a finish. Bader got back to his feet and ate a few more elbows to the side of the head, but he kept the pressure on and worked for a takedown against the cage. OSP failed to hit the switch and we were right back to where we started with time running out. Bader shot for one final takedown, but OSP sprawled and the round came to an end. FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Bader  (49-46)

Official Result: Ryan Bader def. Ovince Saint Preux via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)

The up-to-date UFC Fight Night 47 results can be seen below:

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