Brock Lesnar's new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt (GIF)

Brock Lesnar won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night, with a dominating win over John Cena in the main event of WWE SummerSlam.

On Monday Night Raw, Lesnar was set to appear for a segment and it was expected that the new title belt would be revealed.

Lesnar had said after his win in Los Angeles on Sunday that he would prefer to merge the two WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts so that he would not have to lug two around, so fans were eager to see what the new title belt would look like.

The new belt was unveiled during the episode of Raw, with the new WWE logo featured on the championship hardware.

There wasn’t much of a change to the belt, but at least they did not slap “$9.99″ on the straps.

Here is a look at the new belt being unveiled:

Oh, how pretty. And the new champ got to put on his new strap:

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