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EA Access to limit Madden 15

Electronic Arts unveiled EA Access just a short few weeks ago.  The program, which runs gamers $4.99 a month, is set to give early access, among other benefits, to gamers for select EA titles.  The most anticipated game out of the gate for EA Access is set to be the early access provided to Madden 15.  Gamers may need to pump their breaks however.

PastaPadre, the highly regarded sports gaming website, is reporting the access won’t be granted for long.

With the Madden 15 access only being granted for six hours, it really doesn’t matter how many days ahead of time gamers are given access to the game.  A short time period also doesn’t look good for Electronic Arts, Madden 15, or EA Access considering the timing.

Just last week it was unveiled that Madden 15 would not have a demo prior to release.

With the news that Madden 15 will only get a short time frame for a trial, it appears EA Access is essentially EA Sports asking gamers to pay for their new service to play a demo.

As EA Access looks to get its legs underneath it, shorting gamers out on the expected experience is not a good step to take.  With multiple big sports titles headed to the market in the coming months, along with Dragon Age: Inquisition, missteps such as these can’t be expected to propel the service forward.

It makes sense for EA Sports to not feel they need to sell gamers on the newest, and only NFL option on the market in Madden 15.  However, with this scenario playing out, a demo may have been much more appropriate and consumer friendly.

We can probably put EA Access behind the eight ball for this one.

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