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John Cena issues comment on Brock Lesnar beating from WWE SummerSlam

For everyone that just cannot stand the sight of John Cena, Sunday night at WWE SummerSlam was one of the more enjoyable nights they have had in quite some time. In the main event, Cena not only lost the title to Lesnar, but he was literally demolished en route to the loss.

Well on Monday, Cena addressed the match for the first time, somewhat, and he did it in the most Cena way possible.

Now of course, you never expected Cena to just come out and flat-out admit that he got it handed to him on Sunday night, but he more than likely will when he addresses a live crowd for the first time, whenever that may be. So as to sell the injuries, we very well may not see Cena on RAW Monday night.

The there is the fear everyone has that Cena will one day return and avenge the humiliating loss, more or less making everything that happened on Sunday night null and void. However, that may not happen this time.

Whatever the case may be, you really couldn’t expect Cena to elaborate too much on what happened Sunday night, but he will very soon.


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