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iPhone 6 to include reversible lightning and usb cable?

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Apple has long been the leader when it comes to new technoligcal advances, but one of their latest patents falls into that category of things that just make you exclaim “genius!”  Shipping with the Apple iPhone 6 may be a lightning cable that also allows you to plug it into a SUB port with no orientation guidelines.

Anyone who has ever plugged a USB cord in knows the frustration of having to find the proper side to push the cord in without being rejected.  The new design would leave the cord with no right or wrong side when plugging it in.

Thanks to a tweet by Australian blogger, Sonny Dickson, who has a reliable track record when it comes to these sort of leaks, it looks like this cable may be very well be included with the iPhone 6.

While the existing lightning cable can plug into any iPhone or iPad, this new design would give the cable orientation flexibility on both ends of the cable.

Apple filed for the patent below, and the design should in Dickson’s tweet seems to be along the same lines as the drawing.



This new design for the lightning cable could likely become the industry standard, and would offer a much more simplistic use for the cable.

With the Apple iPhone 6 expected to be just around the corner, the leaks are coming fast and furious.  There is no reason to believe they will stop up until the unveiling of the phone itself by Apple in the coming weeks.  With a project September launch, the clock is ticking.

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