MLB teams get NHL inspired hockey sweaters

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Whether to buy and wear a jersey for your professional team can be a tough decision. No matter how much you love, say, your favorite Major League Baseball team, you just might not feel like you’re kind of guy or gal who can pull off a baseball jersey.

There are plenty of other opportunities to find some cool gear for your team, however. That may or may not be the motivation for those who created “sherseys,” but there are far more appealing creations than those. Imagine if there was a new series of NHL-inspired hockey jerseys for MLB teams. That is exactly the case with a concept created by David Parkinson at Icethetics.

Besides holding the possibility of looking better for certain people as they go to support their teams, if these jerseys became an option they might offer more in terms of wearability. Say your team is playing relevant baseball in September or October: this might be a more pragmatic option than a short-sleeved jersey for sitting in the stands for the game. But alas, these sharp images are just a concept, at least for now.

As you’ll see, some of the best efforts are for teams in cities with strong hockey ties. Maybe these are examples of anticipated reactions to the jerseys for the Boston Red Sox or Toronto Blue Jays, but they just seem to make more sense than those for the Tampa Bay Rays or the Cleveland Indians.

In terms of the piping and designs of jerseys, hockey sweaters simply offer more options to make things look sharp. There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned baseball jersey, but for those people looking for something a little different, the ideas for these sweaters are excellent.

Parkinson based the concepts on NHL sweaters throughout history. For the full gallery of MLB hockey sweater concepts, head over to Icethetics.

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