Plants vs Zombies launches on PlayStation consoles today

Today, PopCap’s zany shooter will be making its way over to PlayStation consoles.  While Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare was initially an Xbox One exclusive, we see another example of what turns out to be a timed exclusive.  The game has been warmly welcomed by Xbox fans and can now be enjoyed by all.

For PlayStation owners, EA made sure to release a launch trailer to fill you in on what exactly to expect when you hop into the Plants vs Zombies experience.  Also included with the PlayStation version of the game is all of the previous DLC as well as Remote-Play compatibility and split-screen co-op.

PC users aren’t left out in the cold either.  Today on Origin, PC users can download Plants vs Zombies and play for free for the first 72 hours.

While initially exclusives were thought to be what would separate the two gaming console giants, it looks like timed exclusives are going to be the plan of action instead.  Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to make its way onto PlayStation 4 eventually, and Ryse: Son of Rome is also headed to PC.

From a business standpoint, this seems to be the most sensible way to conduct yourself.  Companies creating great games and then limiting them to release on one system or another are leaving a lot of money on the table.  While it is good for the life of the consoles themselves, exclusives just don’t seem to hold much weight when it comes to the dollars and cents.

Regardless, make sure to check out Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare today.

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